This I Believe


I have been trying to write a “This I Believe” for some time, I was inspired to write one on a plane recently after hearing a good one on the radio. If you don’t know what this is, checkout out the website: This is still a draft and very much in progress.

I believe in the smallness of a man. A turbine engine spins at 10000 rpm. Which creates enough trust to push a 50000 pound aircraft to 250 mph. Which in turn allows it to climb to 10000 feet in a matter of minutes.

It is night and I am leaving columbus on business. The lights of the houses are small and they twinkle like stars below me. This is a common thought probably thought by many. However, a thought that might not be thought by all is just how small that makes me feel. Millions of people in Columbus. Each, it seems with their own light below me. From this height I can seem the size of the city below. I can grasp it. I drink it in. Below the points of light on man, above the points of light of the stars. The light above each representing other stars with potentially worlds with millions of points of light that come from thier people. Beyond that there surly lies uncountable and potentially unknowable number of other galaxies each containing more than all that I can see. I am so small and I can understand and only briefly grasp the extent of that smallness before it that understanding is gone. It is replaced by a longing to know it again. I am grateful for my reason and it’s ability to clarify the world, even if for brief glimpses.

I rejoice in my size as a man, and intern my further smallness. For if the universe revolved around me, it might be tripped up by equally small things as I am. A parking ticket. A missed bus. A death. But it will continue. I hope others can see it’s beauty in it’s size and not try to confine it in thier minds. I believe in the smallness and beauty that reason and understanding bring. It is wondrous and majestic.

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